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 published Journal Articles  


 1- Economic Growth, CO2 Emissions and Fossil Fuels Consumption in Iran,   Mohammad Reza. Lotffalipour, Mohammad Ali Falahi, Maliheh Ashna, The International journal, Elsevier, (2010), No 10, pp5115-5120.


2-Prediction of CO2 Emissions in Iran using Grey and ARIMA Models, M. R. Lotfalipour  ,  M. A. Falahi  ,  Morteza Bastam, International Journal of Energy Economics and Policy, Vol. 3, No 3, 2013, pp.229-237.


3- The Impact of Exchange Rate Volatility on Trade Balance of Iran, M. R. Lotfalipour  ,  bahare bazargan, Advances in Economics and Business 2(8): 293-302, 2014.


4- Exchange Rate Impacts on Investment of Manufacturing Sectors in Iran, M. R. Lotfalipour  ,  Maliheh Ashena,   Journal of Business and Economic Research, Vol2, No 3 2013, pp12-22


5- The Environmental Issues and Forecasting Threshold of Income and Pollution Emissions in Iran Economy, Hadi Esmaeilpour  ,  M. R. Lotfalipour,   the Open Access Journal of Resistive Economics (OAJRE), Volume 3, Number 18, )2014( Published Online August 23


6- Investigating Relationship between Power Consumption and Economic Growth in Iran during1966-2010, M. R. Lotfalipour  ,  Shokoofehsadat Ashrafzadeh,  Arth Prabhand: A Journal of Economics and Management Vol. 3 Issue 3 March 2014,   128-140


7- The Optimum Oil Revenue in Iran, Mohebollah Motahari,    M. R. Lotfalipour, Journal of Des Sciences, Vol: 65, No. 9; Sep 2012.


8- Impact of Financial Development on the Environmental Quality in Iran, Hadi Esmaeilpour  ,  M. R. Lotfalipour, Chinese Business Review, September 2014, Vol. 13, No. 9, 537-551


9- Trade Openness and Inflation. Evidence from MENA Region Countries, M. R. Lotfalipour  ,  Samaneh Montazeri  ,  Somayeh Sedighi, Economic Insights – Trends and Challenges, Vol. II (LXV) No. 2/2013, pp1-11.


10- Forecasting Tehran Stock Exchange Return; Kalman Filter Approach, MohebollahMotahari, M. R. Lotfalipour, Journal of Basic and Applied Scientific Research, 2(6)6041-6046, 2012.


11- A look at oil revenues effect on agricultural section in Iran, pooria ghassabi kohne ghochan  ,  M. R. Lotfalipour  ,Mohammad Taher Ahmadi Shadmehri,   Journal of Economics and Management, vol.3 Issue 8, 2014, 127-136.


12-  Investigation the Influencing Mechanisms & Short Term - Long Term Dynamism Impact of Iran's Oil Revenues on Value Added in Agriculture, pooria ghassabi kohne hochan  ,  M. R. Lotfalipour  ,Mohammad Taher Ahmadi Shadmehri, Asian Journal of Research in Business Economics and Management, Volume (4), No (10), Year (2014-10), Pages (184-193)


13- Optimization of Various Bank Loans Based on Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM) (Case Study of Bank Melli), Morteza Cheshti, M. R. Lotfalipour. Mostafa Karimzadeh, International Journal of Economic Research, Volume: 14 No .3, (2017), pp: 113-124.


14- Decomposition Analysis of Carbon Dioxide Emission in Iran's Economy, M. R. Lotfalipour, Maliheh Ashna, Quarterly  Energy Economics Review, Vol. 6, Number 24, Spring (2010). pp 123-146. (in Persian)


15- Study on the Relationship between Energy Consumption, Economic Growth and Export Industry in Iran (Analysis Based on Panel Data), M. R. Lotfalipour, Mohammad Hosin Mahdavi Adeli, Hassan rezaee, Quarterly Journal of Economic Growth and Development Research Vol. 6, No. 24, September 2016 pp:(13-34). (in Persian)


16- The Impact of Restructuring on Efficiency of the Iran's Electricity Industry, M. R. Lotfalipour, Azam Zabihi, Mohammad Ali shabani, journal of Knowledge & Development, No, 23, pp 2-26, (2011). (in Persian)


17- The Study of Carbon Dioxide Emissions in Relation to Economic Growth, Energy Consumption and Trade in Ira, M. R. Lotfalipour, M. A.Falahi; Malihe Ashena, Quarterly Journal of Economic Research N0: 94, 2011, (in Persian), Volume 46, Issue 1, Spring 2011, pp: 151-173. (in Persian)


18- The Impact of Economic Growth, Trade and Financial Development on the Environmental Quality in Iran (on the Basis of Complex Index), M. R. Lotfalipour, M. A. Flahi,& Hadi Esmaeilpour, Journal of economics growth and development, No, 5, Vol, 15, PP: 61-77, (2014) (in Persian)


19 - The Study of Optimal Capacity of Energy Production by Using Fuzzy Methodology (Case Study: Shariati Power Plant), M. R. Lotfalipour, Farideh Halvaee, &Morteza Bastam, Quarterly   Energy Economics Review, Vol. 6, Number 24, Spring 2010. pp 123-146. (in Persian)


20- Economics, School, and Islamic Economic System, M. R. Lotfalipour, Faculty of Administrative Sciences and Economics Journal, No 35, (2005), pp 89-106. (in Persian)


21- The Analysis of Economic Integration among Iran and Latin American Countries (an application of Gravity Model),   M. R. Lotfalipour, Zahra Shakeri & Fatemeh Bata, Quarterly Journal of Economic Growth and Development Research,Vol,1 No.3, August 2011, pp, 73-99. (in Persian)


22- Comparison of Logistic, Harvey-logistic and Harvey Models for forecasting electricity consumption of Consumer Sectors in Iran, M. R. Lotfalipour, Ali cheshomi, &behnam Pakro, Applied Theories of Economics, Vol 1, Issue 3, Winter 2015, pp, 57-80. (in Persian)


23- The Semi-Parametric Study of Economic Growth and Urbanization in CO2 Emissions (Case Study: Asian Countries), M. R. Lotfalipour, M. A. falahi, & Morteza Bastam, Quarterly Journal of Economic Growth and Development Research Volume 7, Issue 27, pp: 29-44, Summer 2017. (in Persian)


24- The Impact of Related-Party Transactions on the Value Relevance of Earnings in Determining the Stock Market Value of Companies Listed in Tehran Stock Exchange, M. R. Lotfalipour; Somayeh Galdipour; Omid Arian, Journal of Financial Monetary Economics, Vol. 23, No. 12, pp: 19-44, (2016). (in Persian)


25- Comparing effective factors on the growth of agriculture and Economy of Iran, emphasizing on Government expenditure and its elements, M. R. Lotfalipour, Yadollah Azinfar, Roya Mohammadzadeh, Journal of Agricultural Sciences and Technology, Vol. 20, No 1, pp: 169-178, (2006). (in Persian)


26- The Effects of World Trade Organization Accession on Electricity Exports of Iran, M. R. Lotfalipour, Rohollah Norozi, Maliheh Ashna, Maryam Zabihi, Quarterly Journal of Economic Modeling, vol. 3 No: 9, pp177-202, (2009). (in Persian)


27- The Effects of Health Human Capital Indices on Economic Growth in Iran, M. R. Lotfalipour, Mohammad Ali Falahi, Masomeh Borji, Quarterly Journal of Health Administration, No.14, pp: 75-88, (2011) . (in Persian)


28-The Survey and the Estimation of Effective Factors on Household Electricity Demand in Khorasan, M. R. Lotfalipour, Ahmad,Lotfi,  journal of Knowledge & Development, No, 15, pp: 47-67,( 2004). (in Persian)


29- Estimation of Natural Gas Demand Function in Tehran's Households, M. R. Lotfalipour, Ahmad, Bagheri, journal of Iran's Economic Researches, vole 16, pp:133-151, (2003). (in Persian)


30- The Study of Socio-Economic Characteristic of Shirvan Nomads, M. R. Lotfalipour, Alireza Saberian,  journal of Geographical Researches, No, 69, pp:133-152, (2003). (in Persian)


31- Determination of Optimal Pattern to Farm-Dairy Composing: (Application of Dynamic- Linear Programming), M. R. Lotfalipour, Javad, Torkamani, Yadollah Azarinfar, Journal of Agricultural Sciences and Technology, Vol. 20, No 1, pp:169-178, ( 2006), (in Persian)


32- The Study of Real Effective Exchange Rate, Export and Import Changes on Trade Balance in Iran, M. R. Lotfalipour; Bahareh Bazargan, Quarterly Journal of the Economic Research, Vol, 16, Issue, 1, pp:73-94, (2016). (in Persian)


33- Evaluation of Technical Efficiency and productivity Trend in Iran's Industry (Case study of fifty and more employees firms), M. R. Lotfalipour, Alieh Razmara, journal of Knowledge & Development, No 17, pp: 55-78, (2006). (in Persian)


34- The Study of, Relationship between Productivity, production and agricultural Export and effect of it's instability on growth of agricultural Sector, M. R. Lotfalipour, S. Dehghanian,   Y.Azarinfar, Journal of Agricultural Science & Technology, Vol, 21, No, 2, pp:37-47 (2008). (in Persian)


35- The Study of Cost Benefit Analysis in Sarcheshmeh Cupper Complex and its Sensitivity Analysis, M. R. Lotfalipour, Sakineh Eslami giski, Journal of Economic Studies, No 3,   pp 83-99, (2007). (in Persian)


36- The Survey of Effective Factors on Entrepreneurship, Comparing with Wage and Salary Educated Employees (Case Study: Ferdowsi University of Mashhad), Ghavami, Hadi & M. R. Lotfalipour, Journal of Knowledge & Development, No 27,  pp 163-172(2008). (in Persian)


37- The Effects of Iran Accession to WTO, on Food Industries in Khorasan in Viewpoint of the Managers, M. R. Lotfalipour, & Fayazi, Marjan, Quarterly Journal of Bank & Agriculture, No, 6,   pp 65-85, (2004). (in Persian)


38- Optimum Natural Gas Pricing in khorasan Gas Company by Ramsey Methodology, M. R. Lotfalipour, Ghasem, ghamkhar,   journal of Knowledge & Development, No 27,pp:23-50,( 2009). (in Persian)


39- The role of energy efficiency in the improvement of the environment in selected Oil Exporting Countries, (Method of panel data), M. R. Lotfalipour, M.A.Falahi, Atieh sharakian, Journal of Financial Monetary Economics, Vol, 23, No, 11, pp: 121-145, (2016). (in Persian)


40-   Liberalization of Trade and its Effects on the Agriculture Sector of Iran, M. R. Lotfalipour, Azinfar Yadollah, & Dadras Amir,   Journal of Economics and Agricultural Development, Vol. 23, No 2 , pp 73-86, (2010). (in Persian).


41- Determination and Analysis of Factors Productivity of Medium and Small Scale Manufactories in Toos Industrial Estate, M. R. Lotfalipour, Majid Derakhshani,  journal of Knowledge & Development, No 29, pp 39-64, (2009). (in Persian)


42- The Study of Environmental Issues and Forecasting of Dioxide Emission in Economy of Iran, M. R. Lotfalipour,& Morteza Bastam, Quarterly Journal of Applied Economics In Iran, Vol. 1, pp:81-109 (2012),. (in Persian)


43- The Effect of Tariff Barriers Reduction on Aggregate Import of Goods in Iran: Using ARDL Bound Test, M. R. Lotfalipour, Akram Zinalian,& Nazgol Ashrafi, Quarterly Journal of Economic Strategy, No 3, pp119-148,(2012). (in Persian)


44- The impact of government expenditure on the overall economic growth and the growth of the Agricultural Sector in Iran, M. R. Lotfalipour; Y. Azarinfar; R. Mohammadzadeh, Journal of Agricultural Economics & Development, Vol.26, No.2, pp: 86-96, (2012), . (in Persian)


45- The Effect of Trade Openness on the Total Factor Productivity in Iran's Large Scale Industries, M. R. Lotfalipour, Mohammad Ali Falahi,&saeed Hosini, Journal of Growth and Sustainable Development, Vol,15, No: 2, pp:95-116, summer (2015). (in Persian)


46-  Estimating Residential and Industrial Electricity Demand Functions of Iran, using Structural Time Series Model (STSM), M. R. Lotfalipour , Mohammad Ali Falahi, Sima Nazemi Moezabadi, Journal of Economics researches in Iran, Vol, 4, No13, pp: 187-208 winter 1393. (in Persian). (in Persian)


47 - Analysis of Collusive Behavior of Generation Companies in Power Market using Game Theory, Mohammad Azam Armin, Hbib Rjabi Mashhadi, M. R. Lotfalipour, Journal of Control, Vol. 4, No. 2, pp:44-54, Summer (2010). (in Persian)


48-Determination of Iran Electricity Market Power on the basis of a Dynamic Monopoly Model, M.A Falahi, H. Rajabi Mashhadi, M. R. Lotfalipour, & S.Niazi, Quarterly Journal of Economic Research N0: 38, pp: 19-46, (2014), (in Persian)


49- Studying the Factors Affecting Credit Risk of Bank Customers with Emphasis on Macroeconomic Factors in Iran using Survival Analysis Method, Nahid Rajabzadeh Moghani; Ahmad Seifi; M. R. Lotfalipoor; Mostafa Razmkhah, Journal of Iran's Economic Essays, Vol, 13, No, 25, pp: 45-74, (2016). (in Persian)


50- Investigating the Causal Relationship between Producer Price Index and Consumer Price Index for the Economy of Iran, Mohebolah Motahari; M. R. Lotfalipour; Shahab Matin, Journal of The Economic Research, Vol, 16, No, 1, pp: 141-164, (2016). (in Persian)


51- Introducing an Early Warning System of Exchange Rate Volatility in Iranian Exchange Market: Markov Switching GARCH Method, Mohebalah Motahari; M. R. Lotfali Pour; Mohammad Taher Ahmadi Shadmeh, Journal of Applied Theory of Economics, Vol, 2, No 4,   pp: 71-92, (2016). (in Persian)


52- The Study of Sociology Reasons for Saving in Mashhad Residences, Rampore Sadrnabavi, Daryoush haidari, M. R. Lotfalipour, Gholamreza Ouraei,  Journal of Sociology Studies in Iran, Vol. 4, (2010). (in Persian)


53- Comparison the results to estimate the regional input-output table with methods of CHARM and AFLQ (case study: Bushehr province). Farhad Tarahomi, Masud Homayunifard, Mehdi khodaparast, M.R. Lotfalipour, Journal of Economic Research and Politics, Vol, 24, No,77, pp :115-138, (2016). (in Persian)


54- Investigation of Profit-Loss Sharing and Fixed-Return Contracts Recovery Rate Using Game Theory Approach, Shokoofeh Sadat Ashrafzadeh; Seyyed Mohammad Javad Razmi; M. R. Lotfalipour; Mehdi Feizi, Journal of Applied Theories of Economics, Volume 3, Issue 4 - Issue Serial Number 11, pp:1-20, Winter 2017 . (in Persian)


55- Electoral Institutions and budgetary motivations of legislators,(Content analyzing of legislator's notification of 8th period of Islamic Parliament of Iran to executive authorities), S.Malekosadat, M. Salimifar, M.R. Lotfalipour, H. ghavami, Journal of Economy and Regional Development, Vol, 20, No, 5 pp:117-149, (2014). (in Persian)


56- Electoral Institutions and budgetary motivations of legislators, Saeed Malekosdati, Mostafa Salimifar, M. R. Lotfalipour, Hadi Ghavami, Journal of Studies of Applied Economics in Iran, Vol. 12, No. 3, pp: 1-31, winter(1393). (in Persian)


57- The Study of Price Volatility Spillover Effects in International Oil, Gasoline and Diesel Fuel Markets, M.A. Falahi, M. R. Lotfalipour, Quarterly Energy Economic Review, Vol,13, No, 49, pp: 27-44, (2016).