Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    Investigating the Welfare Impacts of Pollution Control in the Framework of an Augmented Growth Model: Application of System Dynamic Approach in Iranian Economy    Ph.D    AMINI, TOKTAM    2018-10-21
2    The Study of Domestic Oil Demand Determinants in Iran by Using Bayesian Model Averaging    M.Sc.    mehr motamedi, mahshid    2018-07-08
3    The Study of Relationship between Customs Tariff and Smuggling in Iran    M.Sc.    Ayati, Nayerehalsadat    2018-06-10
4    Investigating the effect of housing prices index on income inequality in Iran during (1977-2015)    M.Sc.    ebrahimi ghoozhdi, ahmad    2018-05-27
5    Investigating influential factors on Asian natural gas exporting countries production    M.Sc.    Al - Saedi, Ahmed Falih Abd Alhasan    2018-04-17
6    Reviews impact of oil revenues on the supply of housing sector in Iran    M.Sc.    elami, elham    2017-12-31
7    Reviews impact of oil revenues on the supply of housing sector in Iran    M.Sc.    elami, elham    2017-12-31
8    The Effect of Ease of Starting a Business on the the Economic Growth of Countries    M.Sc.    pakizeh, morteza    2017-10-17
9    The effect of income inequality and economic growth on environmental degradation in Iran    M.Sc.    jafari nasab kermani, mohadeseh    2017-09-24
10    The effects of population aging on some macroeconomic variables with emphasis on the state budget using overlapping generations model in Iran    Ph.D    khazaee, javad    2017-03-12
11    The relationship between economic policy uncertainty and market returns housing    M.Sc.    daneshfar, mohammadmahdi    2016-11-15
12    Comparative study about effect of ease of paying tax on foreign direct investment in the selected developing and developed countries    M.Sc.    khani, kobra    2016-10-25
13    The study of Long- term optimal allocation model for natural gas in Iran using hyperbolic discount rate    Ph.D    alavi, seyed ehsan    2016-10-23
14    An Investigation of Import Duties and Foreign Excahnge Rates Impacts on Foreign Trade of Industrial Sector at Dissaggregated Level in Iran (An Evaluation of Tariff Reduction Scenarios for Accession to the WTO)    Ph.D    zahedtalaban, ali    2016-09-18
15    Afghan’s Social Identity and Individual Preferences: An Experimental Study    Ph.D    Hussaini, Sayyed Mohammad    2016-08-13
16    Investigation of optimal allocation of water resource using hydro-economic models (The case study of Mashhad plain)    Ph.D    ashrafi, morteza    2016-08-09
17    Determining and providing a suitable method for financing of old texture around the holy shrine of Imam Reza with an emphasis on the financing of public and residential projects.    Ph.D    jafarzadeh najjar, morteza    2016-07-03
18    The Effect of Resilience Economic Indexes Shocks on “TEPIX” by Bayesian VAR model approach    Ph.D    azam rajabian, mohammad    2016-06-29
19    A study of the effects of renewable and fossil energy consumption and economic growth on Environmental Performance Index (EPI) in the selected developing and developed countries    M.Sc.    AKHOUNDI KHARANAGHI, FATEMEH    2016-06-14
20    Analysis of the process of the Housing Market and the Stock Market in Monetary Transmission in Iran    M.Sc.    tajalli, banafshe    2016-06-14
21    The Investigation of Tax Revenues and Government Expenditures Impacts on Air Pollution in Iran    M.Sc.    bagher poor devin, Asiyeh    2016-06-07
22    investigation of government performance on EPI index in selected countries    M.Sc.    elahi, somaye    2016-06-05
23    Analyzing the Effect of specialist and Non- specialist Human Force contribution on Value Added of larg scale Industries in Iran    M.Sc.    erfan zadeh, zahra    2016-05-24
24    experimental economy    M.Sc.    Motahhari, Mohammad ali    2016-04-29
25    Comparative Analysis of optimum production path of oil in the Iran Petroleum Contract (IPC) and Production Sharing Contract (PSC) with stochastic dynamic programming approach    Ph.D    Sahebhonar, Hamed    2016-04-24
26    The Survey of Substitution Elasticity of Production Inputs in Iran’s Industries Before and After Subsidy Reform Plan (with an Emphasis on the Energy Input)    M.Sc.    ahmadi moghaddam, samira    2016-04-19
27    Assessing the impact of socio-economic and climat factors on urban drinking water demand in Iran during 1385-1393    M.Sc.    nasrolahzadeh, Anousheh    2016-04-05
28    Study of the Effects of Export and Foreign Direct Investment(FDI) Flows on Environmental Performance Index    M.Sc.    Heidarian, Negin    2016-04-03
29    The Effect of Fiscal Policy on Financial Repression in Iran Considering the Level of Financial Development    Ph.D    lotfalisani, shahzad    2016-03-03
30    ،The Study of Oil Revenues Effect on the Value Added of Industry and Mining Sector inIran    M.Sc.    NAGHIB ZADEH, HAMED    2016-02-07
31    Evaluation of Macroeconomic Uncertainty and Instability and its impact on Iran's Non-Oil Trade Balance: Stochastic Volatility Model Approach    Ph.D    elyaspour, behnam    2016-01-10
32    Investigation of Recovery Rate of Profit-Loss Sharing and Fixed- Return Contracts: A Game Theory Approach    Ph.D    ashrafzadeh, shokoofehsadat    2016-01-05
33    The Effects of Human Capital and Structural Changes on Economic Growth in Iran    M.Sc.    Shariatfar, Azadeh    2015-11-01
34    Estimation of Natural Gas Demand in Iran´s Industries with High and Low Energy Consumption    M.Sc.    mohammadpour karizaki, zohreh    2015-07-21
35    Investigation of The relation of news with stock prices of the private banks and privatized state banks in IRAN    M.Sc.    moghaddas, mina    2015-07-21
36    The Study of Oil Price Volatility Effects on Inflation in Iran during 1991-2014    M.Sc.    soleimani, fatemeh    2015-07-21
37    A Study of the Impact of the Quality Improvement of Produced Goods and Services Increase on Sales of Firms Enjoying an Iran National Quality Award Medal (INQA)    M.Sc.    YAVARIFAR, ARASH    2015-06-02
38    The using input-output table model for identifying leading sectors in Iran’s oil-regions    Ph.D    tarahomi, farhad    2015-06-02
39    The Study of Effective Factors on Credit Risk of Bank's Customers by Using Survival Analysis (Case Study of Maskan Bank)    Ph.D    rajabzadeh moghani, nahid    2015-05-26
40    A Comparative study of the relationship between environmental degradation, industrial structure and technical efficiency (Case study: Selected ECO and OECD countries)    M.Sc.    Farhangdoost, Sara    2015-05-20
41    The Study of oil price fluctuations effects on income distribution in Iran during 1969-2012    M.Sc.    shojaee, atiyeh    2015-05-11
42    Knowledge-based Economy Index Calculation to Ranking Method of Fuzzy- Neuro and its Effect on Economic Growth (Case of Iran and selected Countries)    M.Sc.    moradiroudmajani, atefeh    2015-05-05
43    The Effect of Green Tax Implementation on Employment in Iran Industries    M.Sc.    elmira, zohourian    2014-12-02
44    Investigating exchange rate pass-through to consumers in iran    M.Sc.    Lashkaripour, Fatemeh    2014-11-16
45    check of weak efficiency hypothesis and presentation early warning system volatility intense in foreign exchange market iran with approch Markov Switching GARCH    Ph.D    motahari, moheb alah    2014-08-05
46    The Optimization of Fuel Consumption in Transportation Sector in Mashhad with the Aim of Reducing Environmental Pollution    M.Sc.    Rezaiyan, Samane    2014-07-09
47    The role of energy efficiency on improvement of the environment in selected Petroleum Exporting countries    M.Sc.    sharekian, atieh    2014-06-24
48    The effect of financial development on energy consumption in selected developing countries: panel data analysis.    M.Sc.    Farhadi, Nahid    2014-06-14
49    The study of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Effect on the value added of Industry sector (case study: selected developing countries)    M.Sc.    abdi, parisa    2014-05-05
50    The impact of economic growth, trade and financial development on the environmental quality in Iran (during the period of 1352-1391)    M.Sc.    esmaeilpour, hadi    2014-04-21
51    Decomposition of Household Electricity Consumption Variations and Its Effective Factors in Urban Areas of Iran.    M.Sc.    tavana najar, amir    2014-03-11
52    The Effects of Exchange Rate volatility on Balance of Trade and it’s Forecast in Iran    M.Sc.    bazargan, bahare    2013-10-15
53    The Impact of ICT Investment on Electricity Demand in Selected Economic Sectors of Iran by using Logistic Growth Model    M.Sc.    pakroo, behnam    2013-07-16
54    The investigation of effects of oil revenues on agricultural sector performance in Iran.    M.Sc.    ghassabi kohne ghochan, pooria    2013-07-16
55    The Study of Volatility Spillover Effects of the Price in international Oil, Gasoline and Diesel Fuel Markets    M.Sc.    Karimi, Elahe    2013-07-16
56    Economic Evaluation of outage cost caused by Electricity interruption for Industrial sector : case study for Sabzevar township    M.Sc.    ghofrani, parvin    2013-07-16
57    Comparison of Linear Parametric and Nonlinear Nonparametric Methods in Estimating and Forecasting of Annual Demand for Natural Gas in IRAN’s Household Sector.    M.Sc.    vatan doust, amir    2013-07-02
58    Examination of the Effect of Financial Development on Exports ( A Cace Study of D8 Countries)    M.Sc.    bozorgvar, malihe    2013-05-04
59    Investigating underling energy demand trend in residental, industerial and aggregate sectors in Iran, using stractural time series model    M.Sc.    nazemi moez abadi, sima    2013-04-28
60    Testing the environmental Kuznets, hypothesis in the provinces of the country    M.Sc.    veysi, shima    2012-07-10
61    The effects openness and energy consumptions on total factor productivity in major industries of Iran for the period(2003-2010)    M.Sc.    hosseiny, saeed    2012-07-07
62    The Effect of increasing non-oil Export on Environmental Pollution in Iran (1352-1386)    M.Sc.    razavi, elahe    2012-07-03
63    Survey of econometrics analysis and grey system of CO2 emission in Iran    M.Sc.    Bastam, Morteza    2012-06-06
64    Electoral Institutions and Common Pool Problem in Iran\\\'s Development Budgeting    Ph.D    malek sadati, saeed    2012-03-10
65    Investigating the Effect of Manufacturing Foreign Trade on Industrial Growth in Iran during the Period 1976-2010    M.Sc.    Ashrafi Bajestan, Nazgol    2011-11-19
66    Investigate How The Interaction Between The Total Factors Productivity of Production And Social Welfare in Iran    M.Sc.    eshghpoor, maryam    2011-11-10
67    The study of export potensial of Afghanistan, using tradism gravity model    M.Sc.    Rohani, Hassan    2011-11-06
68    The Study of Gas Pricing Mechanism and Forecasting Gas Price by Singular Spectrum Analysis (SSA) and ARIMA Methods    M.Sc.    Abbaspour, Sahar    2011-10-11
69    Investigating the symmetric and asymmetric effects of oil price shocks on private sector investment (case study: industry sector in iran)    M.Sc.    ZARGHAMIAN, ELHAM    2011-06-12
70    The effects of long-term and short-term oil price shocks on trade balance in Iran    M.Sc.    MOHAMMADI, SANAZ    2011-02-22
71    Modeling and comparison of GMDH Neural Network approach and Time series model (ARIMA) in Forecasting of electricity demand in Iran    M.Sc.    javidi alesaadi, hadi    2010-06-20