Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    Modeling and comparison of GMDH Neural Network approach and Time series model (ARIMA) in Forecasting of electricity demand in Iran    M.Sc.    javidi alesaadi, hadi    2010-06-20
2    The effects of long-term and short-term oil price shocks on trade balance in Iran    M.Sc.    MOHAMMADI, SANAZ    2011-02-22
3    Investigating the symmetric and asymmetric effects of oil price shocks on private sector investment (case study: industry sector in iran)    M.Sc.    ZARGHAMIAN, ELHAM    2011-06-12
4    The Study of Gas Pricing Mechanism and Forecasting Gas Price by Singular Spectrum Analysis (SSA) and ARIMA Methods    M.Sc.    Abbaspour, Sahar    2011-10-11
5    The study of export potensial of Afghanistan, using tradism gravity model    M.Sc.    Rohani, Hassan    2011-11-06
6    Investigate How The Interaction Between The Total Factors Productivity of Production And Social Welfare in Iran    M.Sc.    eshghpoor, maryam    2011-11-10
7    Investigating the Effect of Manufacturing Foreign Trade on Industrial Growth in Iran during the Period 1976-2010    M.Sc.    Ashrafi Bajestan, Nazgol    2011-11-19
8    Electoral Institutions and Common Pool Problem in Iran\\\'s Development Budgeting    Ph.D    malek sadati, saeed    2012-03-10
9    Survey of econometrics analysis and grey system of CO2 emission in Iran    M.Sc.    Bastam, Morteza    2012-06-06
10    The Effect of increasing non-oil Export on Environmental Pollution in Iran (1352-1386)    M.Sc.    razavi, elahe    2012-07-03
11    The effects openness and energy consumptions on total factor productivity in major industries of Iran for the period(2003-2010)    M.Sc.    hosseiny, saeed    2012-07-07
12    Testing the environmental Kuznets, hypothesis in the provinces of the country    M.Sc.    veysi, shima    2012-07-10
13    Investigating underling energy demand trend in residental, industerial and aggregate sectors in Iran, using stractural time series model    M.Sc.    nazemi moez abadi, sima    2013-04-28
14    Examination of the Effect of Financial Development on Exports ( A Cace Study of D8 Countries)    M.Sc.    bozorgvar, malihe    2013-05-04
15    Comparison of Linear Parametric and Nonlinear Nonparametric Methods in Estimating and Forecasting of Annual Demand for Natural Gas in IRAN’s Household Sector.    M.Sc.    vatan doust, amir    2013-07-02
16    The Impact of ICT Investment on Electricity Demand in Selected Economic Sectors of Iran by using Logistic Growth Model    M.Sc.    pakroo, behnam    2013-07-16
17    The investigation of effects of oil revenues on agricultural sector performance in Iran.    M.Sc.    ghassabi kohne ghochan, pooria    2013-07-16
18    The Study of Volatility Spillover Effects of the Price in international Oil, Gasoline and Diesel Fuel Markets    M.Sc.    Karimi, Elahe    2013-07-16
19    Economic Evaluation of outage cost caused by Electricity interruption for Industrial sector : case study for Sabzevar township    M.Sc.    ghofrani, parvin    2013-07-16
20    The Effects of Exchange Rate volatility on Balance of Trade and it’s Forecast in Iran    M.Sc.    bazargan, bahare    2013-10-15
21    Decomposition of Household Electricity Consumption Variations and Its Effective Factors in Urban Areas of Iran.    M.Sc.    tavana najar, amir    2014-03-11
22    The impact of economic growth, trade and financial development on the environmental quality in Iran (during the period of 1352-1391)    M.Sc.    esmaeilpour, hadi    2014-04-21
23    The study of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Effect on the value added of Industry sector (case study: selected developing countries)    M.Sc.    abdi, parisa    2014-05-05
24    The effect of financial development on energy consumption in selected developing countries: panel data analysis.    M.Sc.    Farhadi, Nahid    2014-06-14
25    The role of energy efficiency on improvement of the environment in selected Petroleum Exporting countries    M.Sc.    sharekian, atieh    2014-06-24
26    The Optimization of Fuel Consumption in Transportation Sector in Mashhad with the Aim of Reducing Environmental Pollution    M.Sc.    Rezaiyan, Samane    2014-07-09
27    check of weak efficiency hypothesis and presentation early warning system volatility intense in foreign exchange market iran with approch Markov Switching GARCH    Ph.D    motahari, moheb alah    2014-08-23
28    Investigating exchange rate pass-through to consumers in iran    M.Sc.    Lashkaripour, Fatemeh    2014-11-16
29    The Effect of Green Tax Implementation on Employment in Iran Industries    M.Sc.    elmira, zohourian    2014-12-02
30    Knowledge-based Economy Index Calculation to Ranking Method of Fuzzy- Neuro and its Effect on Economic Growth (Case of Iran and selected Countries)    M.Sc.    moradiroudmajani, atefeh    2015-05-05
31    The Study of oil price fluctuations effects on income distribution in Iran during 1969-2012    M.Sc.    shojaee, atiyeh    2015-05-11
32    A Comparative study of the relationship between environmental degradation, industrial structure and technical efficiency (Case study: Selected ECO and OECD countries)    M.Sc.    Farhangdoost, Sara    2015-05-20
33    The Study of Effective Factors on Credit Risk of Bank's Consumers by Using Survival Analysis (Case Study of Maskan Bank)    Ph.D    rajabzadeh moghani, nahid    2015-05-26
34    A Study of the Impact of the Quality Improvement of Produced Goods and Services Increase on Sales of Firms Enjoying an Iran National Quality Award Medal (INQA)    M.Sc.    YAVARIFAR, ARASH    2015-06-02
35    The using input-output table model for identifying leading sectors in Iran’s oil -regions    Ph.D    tarahomi, farhad    2015-06-02
36    Estimation of Natural Gas Demand in Iran´s Industries with High and Low Energy Consumption    M.Sc.    mohammadpour karizaki, zohreh    2015-07-21
37    Investigation of The relation of news with stock prices of the private banks and privatized state banks in IRAN    M.Sc.    moghaddas, mina    2015-07-21
38    The Study of Oil Price Volatility Effects on Inflation in Iran during 1991-2014    M.Sc.    soleimani, fatemeh    2015-07-21
39    The Effects of Human Capital and Structural Changes on Economic Growth in Iran    M.Sc.    Shariatfar, Azadeh    2015-11-01
40    An Investigation on Compliance Rate on Profit Sharing and Interest Contracts using Game Theory    Ph.D    ashrafzadeh, shokoofehsadat    2016-01-05
41    Evaluation of Macroeconomic Uncertainty and Instability and its impact on Iran's Non-Oil Trade Balance: Stochastic Volatility Model Approach    Ph.D    elyaspour, behnam    2016-01-10
42    ،The Study of Oil Revenues Effect on the Value Added of Industry and Mining Sector inIran    M.Sc.    NAGHIB ZADEH, HAMED    2016-02-07
43    The Effect of Fiscal Policy on Financial Repression in Iran Considering the Level of Financial Development    Ph.D    lotfalisani, shahzad    2016-03-03
44    Study of the Effects of Export and Foreign Direct Investment(FDI) Flows on Environmental Performance Index    M.Sc.    Heidarian, Negin    2016-04-03
45    Assessing the impact of socio-economic and climat factors on urban drinking water demand in Iran during 1385-1393    M.Sc.    nasrolahzadeh, Anousheh    2016-04-05
46    Measuring The Elasticity of Substitution of Factors of Production in Iran's Industries Before and After The Targeted Subsidies Plan With an Emphasis on Energy Input.    M.Sc.    ahmadi moghaddam, samira    2016-04-19
47    Comparative Analysis of optimum production path of oil in the Iran Petroleum Contracts (IPC) and Production Sharing Contracts (PSC) using stochastic dynamic programming approach    Ph.D    Sahebhonar, Hamed    2016-04-24
48    experimental economy    M.Sc.    Motahhari, Mohammad ali    2016-04-29
49    Analyzing the Effect of specialist and Non- specialist Human Force contribution on Value Added of larg scale Industries in Iran    M.Sc.    erfan zadeh, zahra    2016-05-24
50    investigation of government performance on EPI index in selected countries    M.Sc.    elahi, somaye    2016-06-05
51    The Investigation of Government Expenditures and Tax Revenues Impacts on Air Pollution in Iran    M.Sc.    bagher poor devin, Asiyeh    2016-06-07
52    A study of the effects of renewable and fossil energy consumption and economic growth on Environmental Performance Index (EPI) in the selected developing and developed countries    M.Sc.    AKHOUNDI KHARANAGHI, FATEMEH    2016-06-14
53    The Analysis of Monetary Transmission through the Housing Market and the Stock Market in Iran (1994-2013)    M.Sc.    tajalli, banafshe    2016-06-14
54    The Effect of Resilience Economic Indexes Shocks on “TEPIX” by Bayesian VAR model approach    Ph.D    azam rajabian, mohammad    2016-06-29
55    Determining and providing a suitable method for financing of old texture around the holy shrine of Imam Reza with an emphasis on the financing of public and residential projects.    Ph.D    jafarzadeh najjar, morteza    2016-07-03
56    Investigation of optimal allocation of water resource using hydro-economic models (The case study of Mashhad plain)    Ph.D    ashrafi, morteza    2016-08-09
57    Afghan’s Social Identity and Individual Preferences: An Experimental Study    Ph.D    Hussaini, Sayyed Mohammad    2016-08-13
58    Comparative effect of taxation on investment in developing and developed countries            2016-10-04
59    The study of Long- term optimal allocation model for natural gas in Iran using hyperbolic discount rate    Ph.D    alavi, seyed ehsan    2016-10-23
60    The relationship between economic policy uncertainty and market returns housing    M.Sc.    daneshfar, mohammadmahdi    2016-11-15